How to check DMs on Instagram without being “seen”

If you follow someone on Instagram and they don’t follow you back, the only way to communicate with them is via direct messages (DMs). This might be a problem if your goal is to become friends with an Instagram celebrity or popular account.

Let’s say we wanted to check DMs on iG @adarshkusi. However, if we open the app and go to their profile, we won’t be able to see their DMs because they don’t follow us back.

How to check DMs on Instagram without being “seen"

Method 1: Use browser

There are a few ways to check DMs on Instagram without being “seen”. The first way is to use a desktop computer or laptop. Simply open a web browser and go to Log in to your account and open the profile of the account you want to see DMs from. Now, if you look at the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a menu with three lines. Click on that and select “DM’s”. This will take you to a page where you can view all the DMs from that account that were sent to your direct inbox.

Method 2 : The temporary solution for reading DMs without the sender knowing

– go to your DMs within your Instagram app. The new DMs will appear there. 

– Open the control center on your smartphone and turn off both WiFi and mobile data. – Return to your DMs and turn off your mobile data and WiFi. 

– When you check your DMs now, you will not see the “seen” report because you are not connected to the internet.

– As soon as you turn on the internet again and open the application, the “seen” report will pop up on the message, so remember this is a temporary solution. 

Method 3 : Use Apps

Another way is to download an Instagram DM viewer application from the App Store or Google Play. This app will let you check DMs without being seen as long as you’re using a browser on your phone. However, if the account doesn’t follow you back and you want it to be visible in the app, you can use the “view as” feature. This will let you see the account’s profile as if you were following it.

Method 4 : This more permanent solution prevents you from being seen when you read DMs

  • In order to do this, you need to do some work.
  • Do not click on a DM that you do not want to see, but that you wish to read, if you do not want to be seen by the sender.
  • Open the profile of the person concerned. You must then restrict this individual. On the profile page, click the three dots to the right of “Restrict”.
  • By restricting their account, unwanted conversations can be limited without having to unfollow or block them. Additionally, you will be able to decide whether you want their comments on your posts to be visible to everyone or not. Also, their messages will be moved to the “Message Requests” folder so they will not see if you have read them or not. Thus, you cannot be “seen”.
  • In addition to not receiving updates when they next message you, you will need to manually search your “Message Request” folder to determine whether or not you wish to restrict an account.

Decide for how long and why you’d like to remain hidden, then make your choice. 

Method 5 : Use an Instagram proxy

The another way is to use an Instagram proxy. This is a web service that lets you view DMs from any account, as long as the account follows you back. The best part is that the proxy won’t show in your follower list, so no one will know you used it. Just open the site, log in to your account and enter the link of the Instagram profile you want to check DMs on. You can also add additional parameters like “view as” or “block user”.

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