Understanding the Benefits of Clean and Accurate Data For Your Business

Data For Your Business

The quality of the data your business collects and uses impacts the effectiveness of virtually every decision you make. Clean, accurate data can provide a competitive advantage over competitors whose data is less reliable. When effectively managed through Microsoft Purview resources, data can reveal valuable insights into customer behavior, buying patterns, and industry trends. It also … Read more

An Overview of SSL/TLS Certificate Authority and their Role in Web Security

ssl tls certificate

Understanding web security is crucial in today’s digital world. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificates, also known as Certificate Authority (CA), are critical components of web security. The experts at Keyfactor.com look at what precisely an SSL/TLS Certificate Authority is, the various available types, and their essential role in web security. … Read more

Can You Check Who Views Your VSCO?

Can You Check Who Views Your VSCO?

Despite Instagram’s popularity, it has recently seen increased competition from VSCO. Although it shares many aspects with Instagram, it’s best known for being a powerful photo editor. Some users use it to edit images before uploading them to other websites because of its powerful image manipulation capabilities. In spite of this, VSCO has a social … Read more

Can Venmo Send Money To Cash App?

Can Venmo Send Money To Cash App?

Peer-to-peer transfers are the primary purpose of Venmo and Cash App. Since they offer the same service, it’s natural to view them as competitors. When competitors work together, great things can happen. You’ll learn how to use Venmo and Cash App to your advantage in this article. You Are the Link It’s pretty much what … Read more

Why The Marriott Bonvoy App Is Actually Pretty Good?

Marriott Bonvoy App

This is definitely an opportunity to bring in more business. But you have to be careful that your new brand isn’t a rip-off of another company’s brand. Apparently, it’s possible to say Bonvoy for all kinds of things: But anyway, the rebrand also discontinued three separate apps and updated the Marriott one. Overall, the app … Read more

Seoul-based 3i, an immersive experience startup focusing on metaverse tech, AI, and AR/VR, raises ~$24M Series A led by SV Investment

metaverse technology, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality

US$24M is raised by 3i as part of its Series A funding round. SV Investments leads a 24-million series A round of funding for 3I, a Seoul-based startup that focuses on metaverse technology, AI, and AR/VR. The company, which specializes in metaverse technology, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, was raised enough money to raise … Read more