Best Way To Play Craps: Tips & Strategies

Craps is a dice game where you place your bets on whether or not the number seven will come up. If it does, you win. But if it doesn’t, you lose. What’s the best way to play craps? I’ll show you how to get the highest possible odds of winning by using my best method for playing craps.

In this post, we explain the basics of playing craps and show you the best way to play. We also provide tips on how to win at craps.

The 5 Most Common Craps Terms Explained in Detail

Craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world and no wonder because it is a game of luck. The craps table is filled with a bunch of dice and when you are ready to place your bets you need to understand the craps terms.

Here are the five most important craps terms that you need to know about the game.


This is the first term used to describe rolling of the dice. After the dealer throws the dice, you roll it once and that’s it. You can also roll the dice as soon as the dice are thrown.

Pass Line

If you roll the dice on the pass line you will win half your bet. If the dice roll is an even number then you will win $1 and if it is odd then you will lose $1.


If the dice roll on the hard way, then you will lose the whole bet. Hardway means that the dice will roll three times and the highest number wins.


If you roll the dice and it comes out as a seven you will win the Come bet and if you roll a seven and it does not come up you will lose.


If you roll the dice on the split line, then you will win double the money. If the dice rolls are even and it is a seven, then you will win $2 and if it is odd and it is a seven, then you will lose $2.

How to Play Craps

Craps is the casino game where everyone bets. It’s fast paced, thrilling and, most importantly, fun. But craps isn’t always easy to learn.

To play the best craps, you must understand the basics of craps, along with the betting rules and how to roll the dice.

The goal of craps is to hit the pass line twice. Once you roll a 7, a 7 must come up for you to win.

The more you roll the dice, the more you win and the more points you accumulate.

To play craps, you will need:

  • A dice cup
  • A betting slip (also called a betting ticket)
  • A craps table
  • A pair of dice
  • A marker
  • A chip box or a cash box
  • A dice shooter

You will place your chips on the betting slip. Then you can use the money to bet on a number of different things, including:

  • The dice throw
  • The number of points you want to bet
  • Whether the dice should hit the pass line
  • The pass line
  • The number of dice you want to roll
  • The number of dice to be thrown before the shooter takes over

In the meantime, the dice are being rolled and the numbers are being called out by the stick man.

When the stick man calls the numbers out, the dealer throws the dice and gives the outcome.

The dice are then taken back to the table where they are rolled again. If the dice hit the pass line a second time, the player wins.

After each round, you must pay off your bets. When you win, the stick man tells you how much you won. Then the house takes a cut.

In addition to winning and losing, the house also charges you for a number of different fees. These include:

  • Payoff at the end of the round
  • Betting the entire bankroll
  • Adding the house number
  • The pass line
  • The pass line odds
  • The Come line
  • The Come line odds
  • The Don’t Pass line
  • The Don’t Pass line odds
  • The Don’t Come line    


In conclusion, The craps table is the most exciting part of the casino floor. It’s a place where people come to gamble, and you can win big money in a short amount of time. But, the craps table is a dangerous place. You don’t want to play craps if you don’t know how to play it safely. In this article, we’ll show you how to play craps safely. We’ll also explain the rules of craps, how to roll the dice, and how to bet on the craps table.

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