How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday

If you want to find out someone’s birthday without asking them, there are a number of reasons. If you are the generous type, you may want to find out someone’s birthday so you can throw a surprise party, or maybe you wish to sign them up for some dubious products.

Perhaps you forgot your significant other’s birthday and need to get them a gift or book a romantic getaway. You might also forget someone’s birthday and want a way to find out without being awkward.

If you need to know someone’s birthday without them knowing about it, this post has the answer. Here are several ways to find out someone’s birthday. It’s up to you what you do with that information!

Find out someone’s birthday

You can find someone’s birthday in a few sneaky ways that won’t let them know you forgot.

Use social media to find someone’s birthday

The most logical place to look for your birthday is on your Facebook page since most people are quite open with their personal information. Look under Overview for their birthday under the About section of their Facebook profile.

You can also go to Events and then Upcoming Birthdays. When the person enters their birthday, your search is over. Try another method if they didn’t add their birthday to Facebook or you aren’t able to see it.

Other options for checking social media include Snapchat and Instagram. You may be able to see their past celebrations if you scroll through their Instagram or Facebook profile. It’s pretty easy to tell if you’ve found the right date if you post pictures of the cake and tiara.

LinkedIn is another social media site that provides birthdate information. You can find birthday wishes by scrolling through their profile and posts. When the person who’s birthday you’re interested in adds their information, the site notifies every connection of their birthday.

If you visit someone’s LinkedIn profile, they will be notified. Prepare an explanation of why you are in this situation if you are at your wit’s end.

Phone a friend

A mutual friend can help you with a gift or a party if you’re planning one. Be sure to ask them not to let on that you inquired! You can make that call as soon as you grab your phone.

Check their calendar for their birthday

Visit your friend’s house and check out their wall calendar in the kitchen. Most people circle a date and say ‘name’s big day’ or ‘my birthday’ or something like that. Be in the kitchen at the time if you have a good excuse! While looking at the wall calendar, you might be thirsty for a drink of water.

You can use this with digital calendars if you have access to them. You may find it helpful to check Google Calendar or Apple’s version. Alternatively, you could ask them to share their calendar with you if they leave their phone lying around.

Do a Google or DuckDuckgo search for their birthday

A simple Google or DuckDuckGo search may provide you with the information you need about your friend if they have a social media presence or work online. See what comes up when you type their name and city into Google or another search engine.

The search engine may display links to public records, other social media accounts, a personal website, or their date of birth based on publicly available records.

Records Search

You can check your date of birth online using websites like Zabasearch or your local public records office. Data about people is limited online by some, but Zabasearch is pretty good at finding it.

Despite only providing access to public information, it is a useful resource to try. Many of these services are expensive, but they can find someone’s birthday if that’s what you’re looking for.

Spark a conversation about famous people

We are surrounded by celebrity culture, so starting a conversation about celebrities should be straightforward. Discuss any that you both like or admire, then discuss their respective ages and birthdays. Ask the other person if they share a birthday with any celebrities. In order to remain discreet, 20 Questions is a great game to use.

They may tell you the date if they say yes. You can look it up later if they tell you the celebrity but not the date.

Here, you’re trying to get them to indirectly tell you their birthday. To indirectly get someone’s birthday, you may come up with other creative questions.

Take them somewhere they will get carded

When you’re in your teens or twenties, going to places where you’ll need an ID, such as a bar, club, or liquor store, is useful. When they pull out their driver’s license, comment on the photo or ask if their new license has the same markings as your old one. You can see the birth date right there.

If you aren’t old enough to drink or don’t have a driver’s license, you could use a college ID or passport. You could use the compare photos trick instead of booking a trip to find out someone’s birthday.

Background check

You could run a background check if you’re really serious about finding out their birthday. It’s a little stalker-ish and costs money, but it gets the job done. Be disciplined enough not to look at anything else on the report aside from their birthday. There are always skeletons in a person’s closet that you don’t know about! The effort may be worthwhile if it is really important to find their birthday.

On social media or other platforms, anyone can lie about their birthdate. You may need a background check if you need that exact information as it appears on their birth certificate.

The Census records or the Social Security Death Records database can always be consulted if the person is deceased (you’re looking for an ancestor’s or grandparents’ birthday). You can also find birthdates in these records, which isn’t great if you’re planning a party.

If All Else Fails

Finally, you may want to ask your friend what their birthday is. You can simply ask the person if you do not have any mutual friends who can tell you the person’s birthday, and you cannot find their birthday on social media or their calendar.

This question won’t offend most people. Naturally, you’ll need to get creative if you think they’ll be, or if you don’t want them to know you’re looking for information.

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